Trackside Grill
734 Main St
Honesdale, PA 18431

In the heart of Honesdale's financial district!

Honesdale, PA  "The Birthplace of the American Railroad"   August 8th, 1829


Monday - Wednesday  6am - 3pm
Thursday   6am - 7pm
Friday 6am - 8pm   
Saturday 6am - 7pm
Sunday   7am - 4pm

Daily specials, homemade soups and desserts are just the beginning.  Decades of experience and customer service combined with a love for the town have created a dining experience like no other here in the birthplace of the American Railroad.  Surrounded by train memorabilia and local photography depicting the unmatched beauty of Wayne County, we strive to make each customer feel welcome, while enjoying homestyle cooking, sensible prices, and friendly service.

We salute Master Engineer Jack Goodwin, amazing son of Dan and Lynne Goodwin,  and grandson of the late Tom Glinsky, legendary Main St., Honesdale pharmacist.   Jack's enthusiasm brings back fond memories of his grandfather's dedication and drive in his efforts as a fellow Main St. businessman.  We are sure Jack would make him very proud.  Thanks Dan and Lynne for adding to our  memories.

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